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2019[ nach oben ]

  • Süß, J., Wehner, J., Dostál, J., Brixner, T., Engel, V.: Mapping of exciton–exciton annihilation in a molecular dimer via fifth-order femtosecond two-dimensional spectroscopy.J. Chem. Phys.150,104304 (2019).
  • Schaupp, T., Engel, V.: A classical ride through a conical intersection.J. Chem. Phys.150,034301 (2019).

2018[ nach oben ]

  • Wehner, J., Engel, V.: Stochastically correlated versus uncorrelated quantum-state diffusion dynamics in different electronic states: third-order polarizations and two-dimensional vibronic spectra.Chemical Physics.515,102-107 (2018).
  • Schaupp, T., Albert, J., Engel, V.: Time-dependent electron momenta from Born-Oppenheimer calculations.The European Physical Journal B.91,97 (2018).

2017[ nach oben ]

  • Schaupp, T., Albert, J., Engel, V.: Correlated electron-nuclear dissociation dynamics: classical versus quantum motion.The European Physical Journal D.71,91 (2017).
  • Bellinger, D., Pflaum, J., Brüning, C., Engel, V., Engels, B.: The electronic character of PTCDA thin films in comparison to other perylene-based organic semi-conductors: ab initio-, TD-DFT and semi-empirical computations of the opto-electronic properties of large aggregates.Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.19,2434-2448 (2017).
  • Brüning, C., Engel, V.: On the time-dependent calculation of angular averaged vibronic absorption spectra with an application to molecular aggregates.Chemical Physics.482,64 - 68 (2017).
    Electrons and nuclei in motion - correlation and dynamics in molecules (on the occasion of the 70th birthday of Lorenz S. Cederbaum)
  • Hader, K., Albert, J., Gross, E.K.U., Engel, V.: Electron-nuclear wave-packet dynamics through a conical intersection.The Journal of Chemical Physics.146,074304 (2017).
  • Engels, B., Engel, V.: The dimer-approach to characterize opto-electronic properties of and exciton trapping and diffusion in organic semiconductor aggregates and crystals.Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.19,12604-12619 (2017).
  • Albert, J., Hader, K., Engel, V.: Coupled electron-nuclear quantum dynamics through and around a conical intersection.The Journal of Chemical Physics.147,064302 (2017).
  • Chang, B.Y., Shin, S., Engel, V., Sola, I.R.: Geometrical Optimization Approach to Isomerization: Models and Limitations.The Journal of Physical Chemistry A.121,8280-8287 (2017).
    PMID: 28994591
  • Hader, K., Consani, C., Brixner, T., Engel, V.: Mapping of exciton-exciton annihilation in MEH-PPV by time-resolved spectroscopy: experiment and microscopic theory.Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.19,31989-31996 (2017).
  • Albert, J., Hader, K., Engel, V.: Communication: On the calculation of time-dependent electron flux within the Born-Oppenheimer approximation: A flux-flux reflection principle.The Journal of Chemical Physics.147,241101 (2017).
  • Falge, M., Frobel, F.G., Engel, V., Gräfe, S.: Time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy of IR-driven electron dynamics in a charge transfer model system.Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.19,19683-19690 (2017).

2016[ nach oben ]

  • Albert, J., Engel, V.: Femtosecond time-resolved four-wave mixing spectroscopy of coupled electron-nuclear motion.Asian Journal of Physics.25,189-197 (2016).
    Dedicated to Professor Wolfgang Kiefer on the occasion of his 75th birthday
  • Brüning, C., Wehner, J., Hausner, J., Wenzel, M., Engel, V.: Exciton dynamics in perturbed vibronic molecular aggregates.Structural Dynamics.3,043201 (2016).
  • Keß, M., Engel, V.: Two-dimensional femtosecond optical spectroscopy of trapping dynamics in a charge-transfer process.Chemical Physics Letters.650,41 - 46 (2016).
  • Hader, K., May, V., Lambert, C., Engel, V.: Identification of effective exciton-exciton annihilation in squaraine-squaraine copolymers.Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.18,13368-13374 (2016).
  • Albert, J., Kaiser, D., Engel, V.: Communication: Adiabatic and non-adiabatic electron-nuclear motion: Quantum and classical dynamics.The Journal of Chemical Physics.144,171103 (2016).
  • Lambert, C., Moos, M., Schmiedel, A., Holzapfel, M., Schafer, J., Kess, M., Engel, V.: How fast is optically induced electron transfer in organic mixed valence systems?Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.18,19405-19411 (2016).
  • Keß, M., Worth, G., Engel, V.: Two-dimensional vibronic spectroscopy of molecular aggregates: Trimers, dimers, and monomers.The Journal of Chemical Physics.145,084305 (2016).
  • Bialas, D., Brüning, C., Schlosser, F., Fimmel, B., Thein, J., Engel, V., Würthner, F.: Exciton-Vibrational Couplings in Homo- and Heterodimer Stacks of Perylene Bisimide Dyes within Cyclophanes: Studies on Absorption Properties and Theoretical Analysis.Chemistry – A European Journal.22,15011--15018 (2016).
  • Wehner, J., Engel, V.: Two-dimensional optical spectroscopy of homo- and heterodimers.Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.18,32910-32920 (2016).

2015[ nach oben ]

  • Albert, J., Falge, M., Keß, M., Wehner, J.G., Zhang, P.-P., Eisfeld, A., Engel, V.: Extended quantum jump description of vibronic two-dimensional spectroscopy.The Journal of Chemical Physics.142,212440 (2015).
  • Albert, J., Falge, M., Gomez, S., Sola, I.R., Hildenbrand, H., Engel, V.: Communication: Vibrational and vibronic coherences in the two dimensional spectroscopy of coupled electron-nuclear motion.The Journal of Chemical Physics.143,041102 (2015).
  • Brüning, C., Welz, E., Heilos, A., Stehr, V., Walter, C., Engels, B., Völker, S.F., Lambert, C., Engel, V.: Macrocyclic cis-Indolenine Squaraine Dyes as Efficient Near Infrared Emitters.The Journal of Physical Chemistry C.119,6174-6180 (2015).

2014[ nach oben ]

  • Falge, M., Vindel-Zandbergen, P., Engel, V., Lein, M., Chang, B.Y., Sola, I.R.: The time-scale of nonlinear events driven by strong fields: can one control the spin coupling before ionization runs over?Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics.47,124027 (2014).
  • Wehner, J., Falge, M., Strunz, W.T., Engel, V.: Quantum diffusion wave-function approach to two-dimensional vibronic spectroscopy.The Journal of Chemical Physics.141,134306 (2014).
  • Schubert, A., Falge, M., Kess, M., Settels, V., Lochbrunner, S., Strunz, W.T., Würthner, F., Engels, B., Engel, V.: Theoretical Analysis of the Relaxation Dynamics in Perylene Bisimide Dimers Excited by Femtosecond Laser Pulses.The Journal of Physical Chemistry A.118,1403-1412 (2014).
    PMID: 24475775
  • Kess, M., Brüning, C., Engel, V.: Multiple time scale population transfer-dynamics in coupled electronic states.Chemical Physics.442,26 - 30 (2014).
    Papers from the 11th International Conference on Femtochemistry (FEMTO11) that took place at The Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Copenhagen
  • Hader, K., Engel, V.: Coherent and incoherent contributions to the carrier-envelope phase control of wave packet localization in quantum double wells.The Journal of Chemical Physics.140,184316 (2014).
  • Settels, V., Schubert, A., Tafipolski, M., Liu, W., Stehr, V., Topczak, A.K., Pflaum, J., Deibel, C., Fink, R.F., Engel, V., Engels, B.: Identification of Ultrafast Relaxation Processes As a Major Reason for Inefficient Exciton Diffusion in Perylene-Based Organic Semiconductors.Journal of the American Chemical Society.136,9327-9337 (2014).
    PMID: 24909402
  • Völker, S.F., Schmiedel, A., Holzapfel, M., Renziehausen, K., Engel, V., Lambert, C.: Singlet–Singlet Exciton Annihilation in an Exciton-Coupled Squaraine-Squaraine Copolymer: A Model toward Hetero-J-Aggregates.The Journal of Physical Chemistry C.118,17467-17482 (2014).

2013[ nach oben ]

  • Albert, J., Schubert, A., Engel, V.: Two-dimensional vibronic spectroscopy of molecular predissociation.New Journal of Physics.15,025008 (2013).
  • Schubert, A., Settels, V., Liu, W., Würthner, F., Meier, C., Fink, R.F., Schindlbeck, S., Lochbrunner, S., Engels, B., Engel, V.: Ultrafast Exciton Self-Trapping upon Geometry Deformation in Perylene-Based Molecular Aggregates.The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters.4,792-796 (2013).
    PMID: 26281934
  • Holzmeier, F., Lang, M., Hader, K., Hemberger, P., Fischer, I.: H₂CN⁺ and H₂CNH⁺: New insight into the structure and dynamics from mass-selected threshold photoelectron spectra.The Journal of Chemical Physics.138,214310 (2013).
  • Hader, K., Renziehausen, K., Engel, V.: Carrier envelope phase effects induced by weak multicycle pulses: Localized quantum dynamics in double well potentials.Chemical Physics Letters.579,23 - 27 (2013).
  • Vindel-Zandbergen, P., Falge, M., Chang, B.Y., Engel, V., Sola, I.R.: Manipulating the singlet--triplet transition in ion strings by nonresonant dynamic Stark effect.Theoretical Chemistry Accounts.132,1359 (2013).
  • Brüning, C., Renziehausen, K., Engel, V.: On the parameterization of vibronic Hamiltonians for molecular aggregates using absorption line-shapes as an input.The Journal of Chemical Physics.139,054303 (2013).
  • Renziehausen, K., Hader, K., Jakubetz, W., Engel, V.: Weak-Field, Multiple-Cycle Carrier Envelope Phase Effects in Laser Excitation.ChemPhysChem.14,1464--1470 (2013).

2012[ nach oben ]

  • Henkel, J., Lein, M., Engel, V., Dreissigacker, I.: Adiabaticity in the lateral electron-momentum distribution after strong-field ionization.Phys. Rev. A.85,021402 (2012).
  • Renziehausen, K.: On the Divergence of Time-Dependent Perturbation Theory Applied to Laser-Induced Molecular Transitions: Analytical Calculations for the Simple Algorithm.Journal of Physical Mathematics.4,1--12 (2012).
  • Falge, M., Engel, V., Lein, M., Vindel-Zandbergen, P., Chang, B.Y., Sola, I.R.: Quantum Wave-Packet Dynamics in Spin-Coupled Vibronic States.The Journal of Physical Chemistry A.116,11427-11433 (2012).
    PMID: 22946899
  • Falge, M., Engel, V., Gräfe, S.: Fingerprints of Adiabatic versus Diabatic Vibronic Dynamics in the Asymmetry of Photoelectron Momentum Distributions.The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters.3,2617-2620 (2012).
    PMID: 23378888
  • Wehner, J., Schubert, A., Engel, V.: Vibronic energy localization in weakly coupled small molecular aggregates.Chemical Physics Letters.541,49 - 53 (2012).
  • Hader, K., Engel, V.: Fragment momentum distributions obtained from coupled electron-nuclear dynamics.The Journal of Chemical Physics.136,104306 (2012).

2011[ nach oben ]

  • Falge, M., Engel, V., Gräfe, S.: Time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy of coupled electron-nuclear motion.The Journal of Chemical Physics.134,184307 (2011).
  • Henkel, J., Lein, M., Engel, V.: Interference in above-threshold-ionization electron distributions from molecules.Phys. Rev. A.83,051401 (2011).
  • Schubert, A., Engel, V.: Two-dimensional vibronic spectroscopy of coherent wave-packet motion.The Journal of Chemical Physics.134,104304 (2011).
  • Hader, K., Engel, V.: Nuclear and electronic momentum distributions from pulse induced photodissociation.Chemical Physics Letters.509,119 - 123 (2011).
  • Schubert, A., Engel, V.: Interference Effects in Vibronic 2D-Spectra of Diatomic Molecules.Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie.225,703--714 (2011).
  • Dehm, V., Buchner, M., Seibt, J., Engel, V., Wurthner, F.: Foldamer with a spiral perylene bisimide staircase aggregate structure.Chem. Sci.2,2094-2100 (2011).

2010[ nach oben ]

  • Falge, M., Engel, V., Lein, M.: Vibrational-state and isotope dependence of high-order harmonic generation in water molecules.Phys. Rev. A.81,023412 (2010).
  • Schubert, A., Renziehausen, K., Engel, V.: Mapping of quantum phases by two-dimensional vibronic spectroscopy of wave-packet revivals.Phys. Rev. A.82,013419 (2010).
  • Walter, C., Kritzer, R., Schubert, A., Meier, C., Dopfer, O., Engel, V.: Dissipative Wave Packet Dynamics of Hydrophobic → Hydrophilic Site Switching in Phenol-Ar Clusters.The Journal of Physical Chemistry A.114,9743-9748 (2010).
    PMID: 20433178

2009[ nach oben ]

  • Seibt, J., Renziehausen, K., Voronine, D.V., Engel, V.: Probing the geometry dependence of molecular dimers with two-dimensional-vibronic spectroscopy.The Journal of Chemical Physics.130,134318 (2009).
  • Seibt, J., Winkler, T., Renziehausen, K., Dehm, V., Würthner, F., Meyer, H.-D., Engel, V.: Vibronic Transitions and Quantum Dynamics in Molecular Oligomers: A Theoretical Analysis with an Application to Aggregates of Perylene Bisimides.The Journal of Physical Chemistry A.113,13475-13482 (2009).
    PMID: 19831416
  • Kritzer, R., Meier, C., Engel, V.: Local control of population transfer in molecules under fluctuating perturbations.Chemical Physics Letters.477,75 - 79 (2009).
  • Renziehausen, K., Marquetand, P., Engel, V.: On the divergence of time-dependent perturbation theory applied to laser-induced molecular transitions.Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics.42,195402 (2009).

2008[ nach oben ]

  • Eisfeld, A., Seibt, J., Engel, V.: On the inversion of geometric parameters from absorption and circular dichroism spectroscopy of molecular dimers.Chemical Physics Letters.467,186 - 190 (2008).
  • Fink, R.F., Seibt, J., Engel, V., Renz, M., Kaupp, M., Lochbrunner, S., Zhao, H.-M., Pfister, J., Würthner, F., Engels, B.: Exciton Trapping in π-Conjugated Materials: A Quantum-Chemistry-Based Protocol Applied to Perylene Bisimide Dye Aggregates.Journal of the American Chemical Society.130,12858-12859 (2008).
    PMID: 18767851
  • Seibt, J., Schaumlöffel, A., Lambert, C., Engel, V.: Quantum Study of the Absorption Spectroscopy of Bis(triarylamine) Radical Cations.The Journal of Physical Chemistry A.112,10178-10184 (2008).
    PMID: 18811125
  • Marquetand, P., Nuernberger, P., Brixner, T., Engel, V.: Molecular dump processes induced by chirped laser pulses.The Journal of Chemical Physics.129,074303 (2008).
  • Seibt, J., Dehm, V., Würthner, F., Engel, V.: Circular dichroism spectroscopy of small molecular aggregates: Dynamical features and size effects.The Journal of Chemical Physics.128,204303 (2008).
  • Seibt, J., Engel, V.: Absorption and emission spectroscopy of molecular trimers: Cyclic versus linear geometries.Chemical Physics.347,120 - 126 (2008).
    Ultrafast Photoinduced Processes in Polyatomic Molecules
  • Marquetand, P., Engel, V.: Analysis of laser fields for photoassociation and molecular stabilization derived from local control theory.Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics.41,074026 (2008).
  • Gräfe, S., Engel, V., Ivanov, M.Y.: Attosecond Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Electron Tunneling in a Dissociating Hydrogen Molecular Ion.Phys. Rev. Lett.101,103001 (2008).

2007[ nach oben ]

  • Seibt, J., Engel, V.: Wave-packet dynamics in molecular dimers.Chemical Physics.338,143 - 149 (2007).
    Molecular Wave Packet Dynamics
  • Chen, Z., Stepanenko, V., Dehm, V., Prins, P., Siebbeles, L.D.A., Seibt, J., Marquetand, P., Engel, V., Würthner, F.: Photoluminescence and Conductivity of Self-Assembled π–π Stacks of Perylene Bisimide Dyes.Chemistry – A European Journal.13,436--449 (2007).
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2006[ nach oben ]

  • Marquetand, P., Engel, V.: Complete local control of molecular excited state photo-fragmentation.Chemical Physics Letters.426,263 - 267 (2006).
  • Seibt, J., Marquetand, P., Engel, V., Chen, Z., Dehm, V., Würthner, F.: On the geometry dependence of molecular dimer spectra with an application to aggregates of perylene bisimide.Chemical Physics.328,354 - 362 (2006).
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  • Gräfe, S., Marquetand, P., Engel, V.: Classical aspects emerging from local control of energy and particle transfer in molecules.Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry.180,271 - 276 (2006).
    Coherent Control of Photochemical and Photobiological Processes
  • Marquetand, P., Gräfe, S., Scheidel, D., Engel, V.: Local control of the quantum dynamics in multiple potential wells.The Journal of Chemical Physics.124,054325 (2006).
  • Gräfe, S., Engel, V.: Local control theory applied to coupled electronic and nuclear motion.Chemical Physics.329,118 - 125 (2006).
    Electron Correlation and Multimode Dynamics in Molecules
  • Koller, S., Seibt, J., Marquetand, P., Engel, V.: Application of a reflection principle to spectroscopic transitions in molecular dimers.Chemical Physics Letters.433,199 - 203 (2006).

2005[ nach oben ]

  • Eisfeld, A., Braun, L., Strunz, W.T., Briggs, J.S., Beck, J., Engel, V.: Vibronic energies and spectra of molecular dimers.The Journal of Chemical Physics.122,134103 (2005).
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    PMID: 15796695
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  • Marquetand, P., Meier, C., Engel, V.: Local control of molecular fragmentation: The role of orientation.The Journal of Chemical Physics.123,204320 (2005).

2004[ nach oben ]

  • Erdmann, M., Gross, E.K.U., Engel, V.: Time-dependent electron localization functions for coupled nuclear-electronic motion.The Journal of Chemical Physics.121,9666--9670 (2004).
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    PMID: 15212531
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2003[ nach oben ]

  • Flachenecker, G., Ermoshin, V.A., Engel, V., Neder, R., Wirnsberger, G., Materny, A.: Photodissociation and recombination dynamics of I₂ in DDR (decadodecasil 3R): Dependence on the geometry of the host matrix monitored by femtosecond time-resolved pump-probe experiments.Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.5,865-876 (2003).
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2002[ nach oben ]

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    PMID: 12033844

2000[ nach oben ]

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