English Intern
    Prof. Dr. B. Engels

    21.       Metropoulos, B. Engels, S. D. Peyerimhoff
    On the chemi-ionization reaction O + CH ----> HCO+ +  e- I. Coollinear O-CH Approach
    Chem. Phys. Lett.,
    1993, 204, 333.

    22.       B. Engels
    Study of influences of various excitation classes on ab initio calculated isotropic hyperfine coupling constants
    Theor. Chim. Acta, 1993, 86, 429.

    23.       C.M.Gittins, N.A.Harris, R.W.Field, J.Verges, W.E.Ernst, P. Bündgen, B. Engels
    Analysis and Depertubation of the C2P and D2S+  states of CaF
    J. of Mol. Spectr., 1993, 161, 303-311.

    24.       M. Staikova, B. Engels, M. Peric, S. D. Peyerimhoff
    Ab initio calculation of the vibronically averaged hyperfine coupling constants in the two lowest electronic states of H2O+
    Mol. Phys., 1993, 80, 1485-1497.


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