English Intern
    Prof. Dr. B. Engels

    87.       B. Engels, Jan C. Schöneboom, Arno F. Münster, Stefan Groetsch, Manfred Christl
    Computational Assessment of the Electronic Structure of Cyclohexa-1,2,4-triene, 1-Oxa-cyclohexa-2,3,5-triene (3d 2-Pyran), their Benzo Derivates, and Cyclohexa-1,2-diene and an Experimental Approach to 3d 2-Pyran
    J. Am Chem. Soc, 2002, 124, 287-297

    88.       P. W. Musch, C. Remenyi, H. Helten, B. Engels
    On the Regioselectivity of the Cyclisation of Enyne-Ketenes – A Computational Investigation and Comparison with the Myers-Saito and Schmittel Reaction.
    J. Am Chem. Soc, 2002, 124, 1823-1828.

    89.       T. Hupp, B. Engels, F. Della Sala, A. Görling
    Orbitals from a self-interaction free Kohn-Sham potential as a single electron basis for ab initio methods.
    Chem. Phys. Lett., 2002, 360, 175-181.

    90.       B. Dietrich, T. A. Hupp, B. Engels
    Binding Properties in Protein Nucleic Acids.
    in: NIC Symposium 2001, Hrsg. Horst Rollnik, Dietrich Wolf, 2002.


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