English Intern
    Prof. Dr. B. Engels

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    Gradiend Tabu Search.
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    127.         H. Rabaa, B. Engels, T. Hupp, A. S. K. Hasmi,
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    128.         Bastian Noller, Raman Maksimenka, Ingo Fischer, Mario Arnone, Bernd Engels,Christian Alcaraz, Lionel Poisson, Jean-Michel Mestdagh
    Femtosecond Dynamics of the tert-Butyl radical, t-C4H9
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    129.         M. Arnone, B. Engels
    Rational Design of substituted N-alkoxypyridine-2(1H)thiones
    with increased stability against daylight

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    130.          S. Schlund, C. Schmuck, B. Engels,
    How important is molecular rigidity for the complex-stability of artificial host-guest systems? A theoretical study on Self-Assembly of Gasphase Arginine.
    Chemistry- A European Journal, 2007, 13, 6644-6653.

    131.         A. E. Patrakov, R. F. Fink, K. Fink, B. Engels
    Model computations for Cd adsorption on the (001) surface of CdTe.
    Physica Status Solidi C, 2007, 4, 3191-3203.


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