Lehrstuhl für Physikalische Chemie II


    Our Alumni

    Physical Chemists with expertise in colloidal chemistry, advanced spectroscopy, nanomaterials and electrochemistry are highly sought after experts for a wide variety of companies operating in different industries and business sectors. Here is a brief overview of companies where our most recent graduates have found employment (on average within less than half a year after the defense of their PhD).

    Companies & Employers

    Where have former students of the Chair of Physical Chemistry II found employment?

    • Bosch
    • Osram
    • DuPont
    • ERBE Group
    • Buck Group
    • Methrom
    • TDG Group
    • MB&P Patent Attorneys
    • Los Alamos National Lab
    • University of Southhampton
    • Université du Québeck
    • Bundesanstalt für Materialprüfung

    Business Sectors

    What are some of the business sectors that former PhD students are now working in?

    • Electrochemistry
    • Technology Development
    • Electromedicine
    • Electronics & Communication Technologies
    • Diesel Gasoline Systems
    • Electric Components
    • Applied Spectroscopy
    • Hydrogen Research
    • Fundamental Research
    • Patent Law

    Career Paths

    What are some of the job titles of former students of the Chair of Physical Chemistry II?

    • Project Coordinator
    • Clinical Study Manager
    • Process Control Engineer
    • Quality Control Engineer
    • Development Engineer
    • Product Manager
    • Product Specialist
    • Patent Attorney
    • Director Product Management
    • Professor


    Imge NamalPhD Student
    Han LiPhD Student
    Daniel SchillingPhD Student
    Holger HartlebPhD Student
    Tilman HainPhD Student
    Florian SpäthPhD Student
    Nicolas RühlPhD Student
    Christoph MannPhD Student
    Frank BruneckerPhD Student
    Felix BerglerPhD Student
    Timo HefnerPhD Student
    Jinbo PangPhD Student
    Kristin KrökerPhD Student
    Thomas StockerDiplomand
    Andreas MuzhaDiplomand
    Stefan KupkaDiplomand
    Dominik StichPhD Student
    Frederik KniggeDiplomand
    Jared CrochetPhD Student, Postdoc
    Sabine Himmelein

    Thomas Ackermann

    Zipeng ZhuPhD Student
    Roman FaselPostdoc
    Hendrik UlbrichtPhD Student, Postdoc
    Axel HagenPhD Student
    Gunnar MoosPhD Student
    Renju ZachariaPhD Student