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    Engels (TC)

    Prof. Dr. Bernd Engels

      Institut für Physikalische und Theoretische Chemie

      Room: 01.010

      Campus Hubland Nord
      Emil-Fischer-Straße 42

      97074 Würzburg

      Phone: (+49) 931 - 31 - 85394

      Fax: (+49) 931 - 31 - 85331


    Curriculum Vitae

    Name Dr. Engels
    First Name Bernd
    Date of Birth 27th January 1958
    1978 - 1983 Undergraduate studies in chemistry at the Rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelms Universität Bonn
    1983 - 1984 Graduate studies in theoretical chemistry at the Rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelms Universität Bonn
    1984 - 1985 Diploma thesis with the topic: Calculation of the ground state of the systems FC2H4 and FC2H4+
    1985 - 1987 Doctoreal thesis with the topic: Investigations of hyperfine coupling constants in relation to basissets and CI parameters
    1992 Habilitation with the topic: Quantumchemical calculations of magnetic hyperfine coupling constants in molecules
    since may 1999 Professor for theoretical organic chemistry, Universität Würzburg
    since may 1999 Sub-project manager of the SFB 334: Interactions in molecules
    Sub-project C10: Calculation of non-adiabatic interactions
    Sub-project C9: Quantumchemical characterization of molecular phosphorus chalcogenides (with Prof.Peyerimhoff)
    1999 - 2005 Speaker of the Graduiertenkolleg: Electrondensity: Theory and experiment
    seit April 2005 Speaker of the Graduiertenkolleg: Control of electronic properties of aggregates pi-conjugated molecules; accepted 1st april 2006